R M S Financial Ltd are a UK based independent financial advisory practice
that offer assistance to clients all over the world, to regulated UK standards.

Looking after more than your money

Making the most of your wealth in life is important – and that’s where sound financial advice can prove invaluable. But here at RMS, we believe that’s no longer just about crunching numbers.

Our clients rarely come to us asking for a financial product; they come with questions. “Here’s what I want from my retirement, can you help?” or “I want to help my children – what’s the best way?” So we aim to understand your life goals first and then put a financial plan in place to help achieve them.

Longevity and fidelity
Which brings us to our logo, the crane. In cultures worldwide, this beautiful bird is seen as a symbol of longevity and fidelity. For us, these values aren’t just central to a successful and happy life, they’re central to what we do.

Explore the site to find out more about our approach, why it sets us apart and how it translates into financial solutions, backed by years of investment experience, to help you look after your future.

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Did you know Nearly 40% of pension holders said they were not aware of what their pension provider does with their money between when they put it into their pension and when they take it out when they retire.
(Source: National Association of Pension Funds Report - July 2014)
Did you know Out of the top 100 performing equities in 2012, only one is still in the top 100.
Did you know At RMS, we work to pre-arranged fees, offering you complete transparency of costs and charges.
Did you know RMS is a fully UK authorised and regulated financial adviser with over 25 years of experience.
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